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NonToxicBeds has manufactured mattresses for over 30 years under various labels for customers worldwide.

We strongly oppose the new national flameproof mattress regulation because the risk outweighs the benefit. We think it is a very serious health risk. Many doctors agree. Sleepers and workers are already getting sick. These should be strong warning signs for the rest of us. Workers complained early on of Asbestos health effects, but no one listened. It took 40 years and hundreds of thousands of deaths to prove Asbestos harmful. A relatively small percentage of our population was exposed to Asbestos, but everyone sleeps on a mattress. We continue to make toxic mistakes. We ban one flame retardant chemical after another, after we find human harm. What will we learn in the next 40 years? How many millions of Americans will die slow painful deaths from the long term effects of poison mattresses?

We offer this website to provide low manufacturer direct pricing and great values so more people can afford truly nontoxic mattresses.

We hope you will help get the word out on the truth about the toxic chemicals now being added to mattresses. Although the issue had made some news it is not enough. Almost all mattress manufactures including Sealy, Tempurpedic, Casper Mattress, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air, Kingsdown, or any other brand, and retailers continue to tell people there are no chemicals in mattresses, there are no labeling requirements. So most people still don't know or find it hard to believe it could be that bad. But it is very bad.

You can help get the word out and earn some extra money for your nonprofit organization or yourself, perhaps a lot. Join our Affiliate Program. It is quick and easy to sign up on our website. Your are instantly and automatically approved. Take the special link and put it on your website and/or email it to everyone you know. You can earn a substantial amount of money for yourself or your organization from every sale generated from your link to our website. It is all tracked automatically. You can get email notifications and track your money earned at our site. Then you get a check every month, and it could add up to a lot over time. You can also feel good knowing you are helping to protect peoples health, and potentially saving lives.
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